In commemoration of achieving 1k+ followers (seriously wow you guys are amazing and I really appreciate every single one of you) as well as the end of my hiatus woot and hey my birthday is not too far so why not I’ve decided to make my second follow forever!!

But before we get to it, I’d like to give all my followers a hug **hugs you tightly and makes you feel special** because you guys are the nicest people for following such an uncool blog omg but I’m really glad you’ve been following me and have talked to me and just seeing you on my dash makes me smile. image

I’m also sorry if I haven’t talked much with most of you, but it’s not that I don’t want to be friends anymore! I remember all of you and I always try my best to keep in touch with you— this is kinda cheesy lol but I thank you guys with all my heart.

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I recently hit 1,000+ and I really am honored! Thank you to everyone who followed, though i cannot pinpoint who was the 1000 follower because i lost a few as well and gained at the same time but according to the current list, it’s real-mannequin. Anyways, I would again like to thank everyone who followed me and the people who make my dash an amazing place that leaves me unable to exit out even when it’s 5 AM in the morning <3. Oh and sorry it’s so weird and pixelated omg i’ve never used psds and photoshops really with gifs it was my first time i promise next time will be better


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4 days of tiring travelling and a 8 hour bus ride later, finally back home…




Yato’s expressions and portrayal often mimic that of a cat. His pupils are also shown as slit much of the time. This is probably a play on the fact that he is a stray god, similar to a stray cat. This supports the entire “cat” theme of the anime itself.

Noragami Alphabet
↳  for Cat’s eyes 

"You’re not going to help ( 助ける ) me because I’m an outsider ( 局外者 )? I bet you agree with them too!"




yabei wang


Noragami OAD 2